The first release of Antipode, my entry into the /gdg/ necromancy jam.  The premise for the jam was to choose an old idea and finish it up.  This was a vague idea I had for a card game years ago that I never really messed with, so I honestly didn't have much to start with but I think it turned out ok.  It's actually kind of fun, though I'm sure a bit of balancing and a lot more cards wouldn't hurt.  

I doubt I'll do much to it except apply feedback if I get any.  However there's a few things I never got around to with the tts mod (such as having a script select a deck from a scripting area, not just using a deck's guid.)  I might finish up that stuff eventually, but for now I'm going to get back to work on Smearth, my rpg.  

Please leave comments with any suggestions, feedback, or problems.  Thanks for reading.

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Current to do list includes-

  • Add a play area layout to the rulebook
  • Add a 'card anatomy' bit to the rulebook
  • Add starting decklists to the rulebook
  • Work up a printable flipside version.  Upside down but no black bg.
  • Fix scripting to draw from 'scripting zones' not decks, and automatically discard your hand at the end of a turn.
  • Maybe a video showing how to play